This Section on the website deals with Frequently asked questions , it is recommended to go through this section before contacting us if you have an issue. 

1-What is GameSword ?

GameSword is an online video game store , all orders must be made through the website , you can read more in the "About Us" section.

2-Is There a Physical store I can visit to pick up my game or do you only deliver? 

No , we do not have a physical store , this website is the only way to make your order , however during checkout you can select to meet up with an admin directly and pick up your game from him.

3-How Can i Make an Order ?

  1. Choose the game you need.
  2. Press add to cart , "Or choose options if the game you are ordering have different editions"
  3. Press Proceed to checkout .
  4. fill in the information required "Name , Phone , email , address , etc....
  5. It is recommended you create an account so that you can follow up your order later.
  6. In the coupon code section , leave this blank if you do not have a discount coupon.
  7. Read the terms and conditions carefully and then tick accept .
  8. Press finish and you will receive a message confirming your order and an order number will be assigned to your order.



4-In the order confirmation it says "To finalize your order we need a payment of XX GBP ?

This is an automatic confirmation message telling you that your order has been received , the message and the confirmation email are self explanatory so please read through them , basically there is nothing more you need to do now , your order is now being processed and another email will be sent to you if there is a problem that is holding your order or when your order takes the next step , which is usually shipping.
As for the total amount is GBP (Great British Pound) , this is because the system of the website operate in GBP so you will receive your order in this format. However , as you will see mentioned in the confirmation text , the total will be collected in EGP as per the order total that appeared to you when making your order and also as per the physical invoice that will be sent with your order.

5-Do i Require Visa or Credit Card to Order ?

No , you do not require any type of Visa or Credit card to order , you can pay by cash on delivery once the game is handeled to you.

6-What are the Methods of Payment ?

Payment methods include.


  • Cash On Delivery , You will be Paying in EGP the total appearing during checkout.
  • PayPal you will be paying online using your Credit Card via PayPal.
  • Bank/ATM Deposit , You will pay by depositing the money into any CIB ATM machine that accepts deposits , this is done without the use of going to the bank itself and you do not need any card or account , simply pay money into the ATM (To choose this option , write in the comments section at the end of your order "Pay By Bank Deposit" and someone will be in contact with you for full details) , this is an easy method and is used by a lot of people who order PSN card codes online and do not want to wait for home delivery or pay using their credit cards.


7-What is the difference between different regions for the consoles ?

For the Playstation 3 and 4 all consoles are the same , all consoles work normally in Egypt without requiring an adapter and they are all region free , any console will be able to play any game. 

8-Which PSN Card should i choose ?

PSN Cards are used on the PSN store , there are two types of cards .

  • The PSN Plus Cards : these cards are used to subscribe to the PSN Plus , the card region you use must match the account region on which you are trying to redeem your card on.
  • The Money cards : these are used to charge your PSN account with money to use later , whether it is to buy PSN games , DLC's / Season Pass or subscribe to plus  , if you are using the card to buy a DLC for a game , say for example a map for Call of duty  three things must match ; The Game Region , the card region and the account region.
  • Please note that from February 2018 all PSN card codes are tested by GameSword before discpatch to the customer , so we make sure that the code is working before it is dispatched , therefore we will not accept any claim or return request that a PSN card code is not working.

9-What is a Season Pass for a game ?

As DLC offerings for games have continued to increase, some publishers have begun selling a "season pass" that provides access to all (or a specific set) of the game's downloadable content, usually sold for a discount. Season Passestypically include DLC that is not immediately available upon a game's release.


The Season Pass bought for a specific game must be the same region as the game itself.


10-What is the guarantee that the games are working ?

All our games are Original , we sel two types of games ; New Games and PreOwned (used) games ,

I-We do not provide warranty on new games as their warranty is with the publisher that released them , however it should be noted that we never had any problems with new games before and if an issue comes up you are welcomed to send us a message through the contact form and we will help you any way we can.

II-We do provide full warranty for the used games we sell , if you have any issue with the used game you bought from us e.g if the game freezes or does not work , you can return it or exchange it.
Note that we try all the used games we receive and ensure that everything we sell is in good working condition.

11-Can i sell my used games to you ?

We do not buy used games , however we do accept used games as trade in's.

12-How does the trade in System Work ?

  1. We accept trade in's for Almost all PS3 and PS4 games against anything from the website , as for the 3DS games , we only accept their trade in's against other 3DS games (Beware of the region with the 3DS) , you can also trade in your used PS3 system (This is only applicable for Premium customers with good account history).
  2. Your game must be in a good working condition within it's original box. (Please also pack our game adequately when sending it to us)
  3. To know the trade in value for your games , either :
  • -Send us a message on Facebook with the list of games you wish to trade in , OR
  • -Send us an Email through the contact us section on the upper right corner of the homepage of the website, OR

-Place your order normally on the website for the game you want , in the final step of your order you will find a section for order notes , write in this section the game you want to trade in (together with the agreed on trade in value) and continue your order , your order will be put on hold and we will send you a message with the trade in value of your game , if you accept then we will proceed with your order.

Don't worry about the shipping , we will guide you through everything.



13-I am Trying to Redeem the code that came with the game but it gives me an Error "This code is invalid or has been used before" ?

You get this error when you redeem the code on a wrong account region , you have to redeem your game code on a PSN account that is the same region as your game , Example if your game is region 1 or ALL then u have to use a US PSN account , if the game is Region 2 then use a UK or UAE account.

14-My Game Lags Oftenly or Freezes , what can i do ?

The game might lag or freez due to a corrupted installation file , the best thing to do in such a case is to delete the Game Installation file from the Main menu of your PS4 or from the Game data utility section on your PS3 and reinstall the game from scratch , the other thing to do is to make sure you have the latest patch update for the game .

15-Can one PlayStation Plus subscription be shared between multiple PSN accounts on the same machine?

If the main thing you're concerned about is online multiplayer, then yes, all accounts on a single PS4 can play online if at least one if them has an active PS Plus subscription, and that PS4 console is set as the PS Plus account's "Primary PS4."

From Sony's FAQ:

PlayStation®Plus benefits available to other non-subscribing users on your Primary PS4™:
- Online multiplayer (subject to any parental control settings on sub accounts)
- Play downloaded games purchased with PlayStation®Plus discount
- Play downloaded IGC games

PlayStation®Plus benefits not available to other users on your Primary PS4™:
- Purchasing PlayStation®Plus discounted products from PlayStation Store
- Online game save storage
- Auto patch download
- PlayStation®Plus exclusive early access to game trials

 16-How to select an option for a certain product , for example i need a specific version of FIFA 15 , lets say for example i need the Ultimate Edition ?

If you need a specific version of a game and it is not listed as a stand alone game on the website , it may be listed under options in the main product , go to the main Product , e.g Fifa 15 - PS4 and then scroll down to the product options section below thr product description , you will find different options , mark the one you need , accordingly the price of the game and the Box art may change so make sure you review the new price.




17-How to Cancel an Order ?

To Cancel an order you can press on "Cancel Order" button in My Account -> View My Order Status , and send a cancellation request.
If you checked out as a guest you can simple do to "Cancel Order" link at the bottom of the home page and send a cancellation request.