PSN cards and subscriptions

  Please Note the Following Before Buying PSN cards or Subscription :

  1. The Card you Buy Must match the same region of the account you will use it on , Example a US card should only be used on a US account Region.
  2. You have the ability to create multiple accounts on the psn store , so it is recommended you create two account one on USA and one on  UK.
  3. When using a card to buy dlc for a product e.g buying Maps for Call of Duty , the Game region , the card region and the account region all  must match.
  4. Regarding PSN Card Codes , please note that from February 2018 all card codes are tried by GameSword before dispatch , we test the code but do not redeem it , this makes us 100% sure that all codes we dispatch are working and therefore we will not accept any claim or return request regarding a PSN card as non working or giving an error.


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