Terms and Conditions



Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any product from our website.

By ordering our Products, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and you will need to accept them before completing your order  by clicking on the button marked "I Accept" at the end of the order process. If you refuse to accept these terms and conditions, you will not be able to order any Products from our sites.

1-Once you Make an order , you purchase it , cancellations are only accepted in certain conditions , please read the Cancel Order section under the "Contact Us" section on the website for more Details.

2-All games / consoles and accessories sold on the website are 100% original , we do not sell and cracked or copied products.

3-All games / consoles and accessories sold on the website are new and original factory sealed unless otherwise stated.
[Please note that consoles and accessories boxes could be opened at custom checks and this should not be necessarily mentioned in the product description page]

4-Shipping takes from 1-3 working days for games that are in stock and up to 1-5 working days for PreOrders.

5-The Box art shown in the product description section may differ from the one you get , although we try to match the same box art for most of the games , for any PreOwned Consoles the picture shown in the product description page will be the live picture of the console so you can assess it's condition.

6-For Trade in's , the games you trade in must be in a very good working condition with no or very minimal scratches, and it must come in it's original box with the artwork.

7-The Product description of each product does not necessarily cover all the information on the product , you might need to google the product before purchasing it if you need to get all info on it , for Preowned games please assume that all codes are used.
[Please note that it is not our responsibility to outline if a game requires internet connection to be played or if the game does not have a single player campaign , it is your responsibility to know all the details of the product before attempting a purchase]

8-Warranty Information:

  • GameSword does not provide warranty on new and sealed games or accessories.
  • Limited warranty is provided on PreOwned games and consoles.
  • Please check the warranty information when purchasing a console [usually we cover a 3 months warranty period]
  • If you have any problem with the console during the warranty period , please contact us , we will troubleshoot the problem with you , if we feel the console might be defective we will ask you to return it back to us (Customer pays for the shipping).
  • Once we receive the console we will test it , if it proves to be defective , we will first try to fix it at our maintenance facility , if that fails we will either [as we see fit]
  1. Refund you the money (Original amount paid for the console only in EGP at the time of purchase , if payment was done via PayPal we will require a bank statement showing the transaction amount in EGP before making the refund)
  2. We might be able to offer you a replacement console (the replacement console will be refurbished , new or used as we see fit , although you will always have the right for option a [Money refund])
  • After the 3 Months Period Customer should Contact SONY Directly for his 1 Year Online Warranty with them, WE WILL HOLD NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONSOLE AFTER GAMESWORD WARRANTY EXPIRES.
  • The Warranty does not cover any Physical damage or misuse including misuse of the lens/Overheating of the console or physical damage to the HDMI Port .

10-Regarding PSN Card Codes , please note that from February 2018 all card codes are tried by GameSword before dispatch , we test the code but do not redeem it , this makes us 100% sure that all codes we dispatch are working and therefore we will not accept any claim or return request regarding a PSN card as non working or giving an error.

11-For Returns you must file a return request , for more info please check the SHIPPING & RETURNS section on the website , we do not offer cash refunds (Except in certain conditions that will be discussed with an admin) , we only offer replacement or store credit.

12-If you are Under 16 Years of age it is strongly recommended to ask your parents before Ordering.

13-You have to treat others with respect and value . You have to be honest and show courtesy.

Thank you.