Xbox Gold Cards And Subscriptions

   Please Read the Following points carefully in order to successfully Redeem your code !
   1-To Successfully Redeem your code you must have an active , Master [Age 18+] , Xbox live account with a proper billing address set up.

   2-Go to from your Computer.

   3-Press Sign in on the top right corner , enter your email and password to sign in to your microsoft account.

   4-Select "My Account".

   5-Choose "Payment and Billing"

   6-Select "Change My Region" , now select a country , Either US or UK depends on the subscription or the card you are buying.

   7-Then select Billing Info , add billing info , enter an appropriate correct billing address in the US or UK , the address must be in the correct    format. 
   You can get a Fake US Address from this website :

   8-After entering all the required information , Press Redeem Code and enter your 25 digit code , it should work fine.

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